Caring Support for Independent Living

A homelike place, when “home” is no longer possible.

Hale Barnard Corporation provides residential and supportive services of exceptional quality for a diverse older population.

Welcome to Hale House

Our residential care programs offer an alternative to institutional care – a homelike place when “home” is no longer possible.

Our goal is to enhance all aspects of living in the later years by offering meaningful choices, social, intellectual and spiritual stimulation and by honoring individual worth in the collective environment.

Hale Barnard Corporation

The Hale Barnard Corporation seeks to develop further our relations with our neighbors, and our alliances with groups of similar mission. These include educational, health care, cultural, business and human-service organizations. We look forward to opportunities for growth and change while continuing the stewardship of our resources and traditions. Hale Barnard takes pride in its ability to engage and enrich the lives of the elders we serve, their families and other caregivers: a partnership of vibrancy, community and hope.

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